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PVP System for Vongola Familigia

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PVP System for Vongola Familigia

Post by ~wAki-kUn~ on Tue Apr 20, 2010 2:58 pm

Tsuuna's Newbie Guide to KHR


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*Knowing your current rank*
-To know your current rank in HTVF, just look on the sample above.
it's between your avatar and your username. So your current rank is..
for example here is HERO TV Dependent

How to Know your PVP Battle System

* Our training grounds resides on this site.

this is your player sheet

Mafia name: (any kind of name whelther its Japanese or a Italian name.)
HP: (Life Points)
DWF: (Dying Will Flame Points)
Rank: (What is now your current rank in HTVF)
Mafia Ring : (Your current ring that the boss has given you.)

Box Weapon: (What kind of ring box weapon do you have)
"Ring box weapon is look like this"

and also it where it matches your own personality
like Lambo is a rampaging animal that does whatever he likes, just like his raging bull.
and for more info click this http://reborn.wikia.com/wiki/Box_Weapons

Animal box:

nickname of your animal:
skills of the animals limit to 3 only.

Player's skills:
it depends on your rings skill.
limit to 5 skills lng poh. XD
How to know your HP and DWF

*Every members will start with 100 in their current Life points.
86 will start in their dying will points.

Current Status:
HP: 100/100
dwf: 86/86
What increases your Hp?

- Check your current rank in HTVF, so your current rank
in HTVF is for example is Hero TV Sempai.

So what type/class are you in?
check this out.

kung anong level mo sa HTVF, mismo, yun yung magiging level mo
HTVF Lurker = Class F
HERO TV Addict = Class E
HERO TV Kouhai = Class D
HERO TV Sempai = Class C
HERO TV Taichou = Class B
HERO TV Ambassador = Class A-
HEROtaku = Class A
HERO TV Dependent = Class A+
SuperHERO TV = Class S
Sky is never the limit = Hitman

(Class F-D) - +25
( Class C-A-) - + 35
(Class A-S) - +50
HITMAN - +100

so you are in Class C. so therefore
0 star class C

*What increase your Stars/ Points?*

-By joining and winning the SOTW
-By Participating in the sub activities given by the boss and his right hand.

O star Class C
Current Hp : is 100

100 +25 = 125

-also if you are going into fights and win, the boss will multiply your current hp into 2 or 3.
Its therefore his decision whether to give you 2 or 3.

- also if your rank Hero Tv Sempai goes up into hero TV Taichou,
it will be also be affected.

O star class B (New and updated rank)
HP: 125 x 2 = 250 + 35(the no. of the class points given.) = 285

Hp: 285/285
What increases your Dying Will Flame

- Your Dying will flame will be also be affected by your current rank in HTVF

For example,
Your current rank is "Hero TV Taichou"
and it was no. 5

so 86 + 5 = 91

*also as you rank up and gain points/stars
for example,

2 Stars class B

91 + 2 = 94 and so on..

DWF: 94/94

So your finalized Status is complete!

HP: 285/285
DWF: 94/94

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Re: PVP System for Vongola Familigia

Post by ~wAki-kUn~ on Tue May 25, 2010 4:46 pm

Skill Reduction and damage System

1. Kami lng ni boss ang puwedenf mag deduct ng HP at DWF
at wala ng iba.


3. No power playing or god moding. This means you can’t have a power as powerful as the God and simply go around and kill an innocent character.

4. Respect every characters and members.

5. Make sure you know your character well. We do not hope that you ruin the character and make it become too Out Of Character.

6. Please read how the story begun and stopped before you interrupt in a current story.

7.Most important, you have to be active. We do not want a character missing for long time. Post a message if you have to absent for a long period of time.

For the time being, these are the rules you have to follow. Further rules will be add on if we found out more rules need to sustain the peace of the RPG Section.

Follow the rules, if not, I’ll bite you to death!

-Hibari Kyouya

Normal attacks
Legend (N)

such as punches and sword strkes, slash ay no reduction ng dwf.

Normal attack cost 25 damage.
Medium attack cost 45 damage

Skill damage
* that uses dwf

Normal Skill : 15 damage. (8 dwf) (N)
pwede ung pag activate ng Level 1 super heat flame.
kahit normal skill babawasan pa rin ng 8 dwf.

Meduim Skill: 45 dmage (20 DWF)

Risky Skill : 65 damage (35 Damage) (R)

*walang magdaya ah, sabihin niyo lang kung skill niyo ba ay makaktanggap ng Rsiky or Medium damge.

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