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L. K. Hakumo

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L. K. Hakumo Empty L. K. Hakumo

Post by Legend Killer on Tue Apr 20, 2010 3:20 pm

Legend Killer Hakumo
Mafia Screen Name: L. K. Hakumo
Describe yourself: A mysterious swordsman wearing a white mask with a Japanese word "Itazura" marked on the left cheek side of the mask. Easily hot tempered and a battle freak.

Dying Will Flames: Mist Flame
Mafia Rings: Mist Varia Ring
Box Weapons: Mist Box Weapon - Two Meter Long Katana
Mist Box Animal - Phoenix di Nebbia
Passero di Nebbia


Toso Kumo Sword Style.
4 Defensive, 4 Offensive.

Box Animals:

- Summon Mist Flamed Pheonix - a.k.a. "Kurenai" (from Flame of Recca). Can create illusion copies of the user.
- Summon Mist Flamed Sparrow - a.k.a. "Sephiroth" (from FF VII). Serves as a wing on Hakumo's back.

Legend Killer
Neo Vongola
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