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Current Meisters and Weapons

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Current Meisters and Weapons Empty Current Meisters and Weapons

Post by ~wAki-kUn~ on Tue Jun 01, 2010 4:22 pm

    + saTo -kuN... = (Weapon)
    [=-konan-=] = (Weapon)
    mikez24 = (Weapon)
    taakenoiodahara = (Weapon)
    sa-chan = (Weapon)
    [cool]down = (Weapon)
    ~wAki-kUn~ = (Meister)
    temarihime = (Weapon)

    hibari's = (Meister)
    kikkaishi = (Meister)
    Amaterasu = (Meister)
    manmen123 = (Meister)
    tohru-chan = (Weapon)

current witch:
sasume_uchiha = Cat Witch

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