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Rules of RP

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Rules of RP Empty Rules of RP

Post by ~wAki-kUn~ on Sun May 30, 2010 11:34 am


1. Kami lng ni boss ang puwedenf mag deduct ng HP at DWF
at wala ng iba.


3. No power playing or god moding. This means you can’t have a power as powerful as the God and simply go around and kill an innocent character.

4. Respect every characters and members.

5. Make sure you know your character well. We do not hope that you ruin the character and make it become too Out Of Character.

6. Please read how the story begun and stopped before you interrupt in a current story.

7.Most important, you have to be active. We do not want a character missing for long time. Post a message if you have to absent for a long period of time.

For the time being, these are the rules you have to follow. Further rules will be add on if we found out more rules need to sustain the peace of the RPG Section.

Follow the rules, if not, I’ll bite you to death!

-Hibari Kyouya

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