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Janghyun a.k.a Akimoto,Junichiro

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Janghyun a.k.a Akimoto,Junichiro Empty Janghyun a.k.a Akimoto,Junichiro

Post by +_Junichiro_+ on Thu May 19, 2011 8:46 am

Janghyun a.k.a Akimoto,Junichiro Varia

Mafia name: Junichiro Akimoto
HP: 125/125
DWF: 88/88
Rank: HERO TV Addict = Class E

Box Weapon: (UPDATE LATER)

Animal box: (UPDATE LATER)
nickname of your animal: (UPDATE LATER)
skills: (UPDATE LATER)

Player's skills: (UPDATE LATER)
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