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Training Ground

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Training Ground Empty Training Ground

Post by + saTo -kuN... on Tue Apr 20, 2010 2:33 pm

The Training Grounds
sponsored by the Vongola Famiglia


    - You can not attack your fellow member while in the training ground.
    - I will be the one tallying everyone's lifepoint; even the mosca's.
    - I will be the one saying that the mosca is already dead.
    - I will be the one giving you experiences and level-up points.
    - Those who do not have their own Character Creation can not join the Training Ground.
    - If you are not the only one fighting the Mosca, in other words, you have your Party Member. The Exp. Points will be divide as many as you are.

~ Will Open Soon ~

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+ saTo -kuN...
+ saTo -kuN...
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