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Post by Ryine on Mon Sep 13, 2010 4:39 pm

Mafia Name: Kimiko Sukunami
HP: 150/150
Describe Yourself:
Ryine's Profile 501965 Cheerful..Kind...Kind a Moody Person..You never ant to leave me when you know me personally..(That's told me)...XD...Simple...I study hard...always...XD
Mafia Ring:Sun Mare Ring
Rank: Hero TV Taichou Class:Class B
Dying Will Flame:Sun Flame
Box Weapon:A Bow and Burning Arrow...(though it's typical thing XD)
Box Animal: A white Fox....

Box weapon ability:

1. It can follow you..wherever you go! hahhaa..XD
2. It can Break even the hardest material because it is burning... Ryine's Profile 226503
3. Small but terrible...It can also break the hardest thing in this world..and defeat big animals....by pointing that...XD

Box Animal Ability

1.Fast..she can save her owner.
2. Can sense danger...she knows if the opponent will attack
3. Lastly..she knows how to use her Huge Burning flame courtesy of Sun Flame...hahaha Ryine's Profile 56611
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