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riptide_14 AKA skydeathscythe

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riptide_14 AKA skydeathscythe Empty riptide_14 AKA skydeathscythe

Post by riptide_14 Sat Jun 04, 2011 2:31 pm


Mafia Code Name: skydeathscythe

Health Points: 150/150
Dying Will Flame: 89/89
Dying Will Flame Type: Lightning Dying Will Flame
Rank: Hero TV Addict Class E
Ring: Lightning Varia Ring

Box Weapon: Lightning Gladius
Animal Box: Pantera di Fulmine/ Lightning Panther/ "Rezio" (Ret-si-o)

Special Abilities: Cambio Forma: Modo Attacco: Gladius di Fulmine, Cambio Forma: Modo Difesa: /Guanto di Fulmine /Lightning Repulsor Wave Gauntlet
Usual Abilities: Limited Time Invincibility, Kinetic Energy Absorpstion, Lightning Flame Coated Energy Field Projection

Limited Time Invincibility

Rezio can create some molecular-bonded coating on over all his body so strong in can make him
invincible for a short amount of time. But, above all, it is said that this skill nullifies
all kinds of attacks; whether Dying Will Flame or physical kind of attacks. However, the more this skill
happens, the smaller Rezio gets in size just like Uri, Storm Ring Guardian Gokudera Hayato's Storm Box Pet.

Kinetic Energy Absorption

Rezio has the skill to execute so-called "phenomenal feats" (like moving through ultrasonic speeds, for example) by absorbing
certain amounts of impact hits
whether by means of Dying Will Flame attacks or physical hits in combat, and convert
it in many kinds of incredible abilities that defies Physics like moving at super speeds, increasing his strength, or
even use it to render his current stamina to its stable state/ maintaining his Dying Will Flames. However, if the absorbed
kinetic energy within Rezio isn't released at the right time, it could get to severe situations, straining his body in the process.

Lightning Flame Coated Energy Field Projection

Rezio, with enough Dying Will Flames absorbed through his KEA (Kinetic Energy Absorption) skill, can create a field with Lightning
Flame coated Field
that's almost five times as strong as his state in his Limited-Time Invincibility skill that nullifies all kind of
attacks, highlighting Lightning Dying Will Flame's "Hardening/Solidifying Attribute", it can even produce a massive, direct hit impact
on the enemy during combat. More importantly, it can create a secondary static field that is produced by the irregular state of the
massive Dying Will Flame Energy that surrounds the field capable of producing electric shocks in the process.

Special Abilities:

Cambio Forma: Modo Attacco

Lightning Gladius

Rezio's Attack Mode Weapon Form is a form of a Roman Gladius that radiates the power of Mars, the Roman God of War. It is highly composed
of an alloy similar to a mythical existence of a product that Alchemy can create. Merged with the attribute of the Lightning Dying Will Flames,
the "hardening/ soldifying" attribute, it can merely be destroyed. It can summon incredible forces of lightning, dramatically calling Lightning
from the skies. And, as light as a feather, the wielder can perform swift but packed heavy and deadly attacks on the enemy. It can also release
immeasurable amounts of lightning flames from its tip, as the wielder wants it so.

Cambio Forma: Modo Difesa

Guanto di Fulmine (Lightning Repulsor Wave Gauntlet)

Rezio's Defense Mode is a form of a gauntlet that unleashes powerful defensive repulsor waves that has 99% formidability against Dying Will
Flame and physical attacks, highlighting Lightning Dying Will Flames "hardening/ solidifying" attribute. More importantly, the more damage it deals
with, the stronger is the force of energy will be applied on the Lightning Flame Repusor Wave recently collided with the attack executed by the enemy.
However, the stronger it gets, the weaker it will support itself to exist; ending up in a large explosion at the time.

That's all.

Varia's Deadly Lightning Bolt

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