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Vongola Player Sheet

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Vongola Player Sheet Empty Vongola Player Sheet

Post by ~wAki-kUn~ on Tue Apr 20, 2010 2:05 pm

Player Sheet
under construction

Mafia name: Satowaki Sasagawa

Character's age: 20

Gender: Male

HP: 506/506
Dwf: 492/492

Nationality: Japanese

Family and relatives:
Ryohei Sasagawa (Former Sun Guardian)
Kyoko Sawada (Auntie)
Tsuna Sawada (Uncle)
and my 3 cousins from tsuna's side XD

Postion in Mafia Family: Sun Guardian

Attribute: Sun Flames

Attack: Attack with a sword in full force mode.

Box Weapon : Sun Vongola Box

Weapon: Demone Sword

Animal Box: Kyuubi demone foxe

*under construction*

*mga likes, dislikes and hobbies.*

Weakness: (anung weakness mo)


(you're OC's history bg)
kase nga unfair nga kung tayo na ung pang 12th generation
eh wala naman tayu kahistory kung panu natin nakilala isa't isa.

1.1(Level 2) Super Duper Heat Flame

1.2 Flare Mirror World
- Les Vongola Activated
- Flame Copies (6 copies)
when its weapons is sword = x2 to the damage dealt
-dual strike damage

1.3 Nether World
- shows the under world as well as the devil and its army surrounding the enemy
and attack with thousand of death strike

damage x 5 dealt to the enemy

1.4 Les Vongola Heat Frame
(Empowers the surrounding with the surface of the sun in 320 celcius)
- 15 hp reduction to the opponent per 5mins. but
except to the Mist and rain or water users.

1.5 Flame Samurai Style (Sword attack)
- A samurai flame attack that symbols To the Extreme!
that no one can escape.

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