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Vongola Joint Activity with Final Fantasy FC.

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Vongola Joint Activity with Final Fantasy FC. Empty Vongola Joint Activity with Final Fantasy FC.

Post by ~wAki-kUn~ on Wed Dec 21, 2011 3:38 pm

Attention Hello guys? can we begin?

lol , let's go! eto muna... Vongola Joint Activity with Final Fantasy FC. 394646

earlier before christmas i decided to make joint activity with a simple rpg to the Final Fantsy fc..
I plan this with christine aka cc_lelouch
the plot i make is good said by Jami but he was disappointed and asked me , what is our goal to make a joint activity with them.. Vongola Joint Activity with Final Fantasy FC. 627609

I didn think of it... Vongola Joint Activity with Final Fantasy FC. 68367 so he suggested me to make a dice system para malaman kung sino talo o panalo..
pra may equality naman daw with our both FCs. Vongola Joint Activity with Final Fantasy FC. 697162

this is the earlier plot :

After the recent event had happened, Satowaki is still adjusting from the death of his formerly boss of Vongola. His Father is concerned about his current condition and suggested that he would take a vacation somewhere, far away from Japan.

Satowaki agreed and fly to US.Two days later when he arrived, Satowaki was much feeling better . One day when he rode his bicycle and went for a stroll and saw someone being ganged upon in the alley. Satowaki couldnt resist the view and went off his bicycle then walk towars to those bullies. He began to activate his ring flame as well as his dying will mode form and beaten up those nasty bullies.

The timing was right , the bullies were no match of Satowaki's power that which he holds now. Satowaki was filled with anger and hatred but calms down as soon as he defeated those bullies. The Stranger stood and patted him on his shoulders and thank him for saving his life. The Stranger told satowaki that he was amazed by his fighting abilities and would like to know more about him and his craft.

Stranger told satowaki that he was amazed by his fighting abilities and would like to know more about him and his craft.
Satowaki smiles and found out that the stranger also has magical capabilities and told him that he is from the parallel world. H e told him that he was here by pure chance to meet someone who also has magical capabilities and would like to have a friendly battle in their world.

Satowaki was puzzled, how will he and his followers will go to their world? The stranger showed a device , that device will bring them together to the parallel world. Satowaki smiles and told him to meet him at Japan, tokyo airport in five days. The Stranger shook his head and bid good bye.

Soon Satowaki left early for japan and while on the plane, he made a letter of invitation to his followers to meet him at the vongola head quarter in 3 days after they have recieve his letter. Aviola his Sky animal flew as fast as the wind and sent letters and dropped onto their doors one by one..

All of them , after receiving their boss latters and rushed to Namimori Vongola Headquarter and upon seeing him, asked him of what had happened while he was vacationing at the States? He told them that he met a friend and they were invited to a friendly match in a world that is not their world. In other words, 'Parallel world'.

Soon they had arrived at the airport, they saw a man waving at them and greeted them , The man began to activates his device and went to the world where the man resides.

cue mo na yan tol.

and this is his reply:

I'm sorry for the late reply. I was busy at school. I see that you're really eager to show me the plot. I appreciate your effort but I really feel uncomfortable about what you showed me.
First things first. This is why I wanted to have a proper meeting with you. You mentioned that you guys don't have any idea about our fandom (pretty obvious with the plot you showed me), we'll give you the details of how our FC/fandom runs during that meeting. Second, The plot is somewhat leaning on your side, which makes me feel really uncomfortable. For the sake of equality, I suggest let's set aside the plot first (which can be done later on with the input from both sides - your FC, my FC) and discuss what is the goal of this roleplay. I see that you've answered my question but that's not I'm looking for. What I meant by the "goal" is how can we say when will the RP-ing ends? How can we arrive there? I propose to have a battle system similar to what we've used during our duel activity, the joint RPG activity with the Konoha and the system that was used on HTVF Dungeons and Dragons. By that way, we can have a basis on who'll win, who'll lose. RP-ing the actions/battles won't get us anywhere. Let's be fair with this, shall we? [:D]


I dont know what his second saying he told him.. Vongola Joint Activity with Final Fantasy FC. 718406
can someone tell me that? Vongola Joint Activity with Final Fantasy FC. 51489

about the goal, we and cc_lelouch decided on this plot .. or pwede nu baguhin if you want.. Vongola Joint Activity with Final Fantasy FC. 388644
instead of having a friendly game, we decided to have a conflict game.

New Plot :

Spade >> sneaking into towns to get the totemas scrolls >> used it to destroy the town and even accusing the vongola who will come into this world that they've stolen the final fantasy's Totema scrolls.

xencia na for some grammars.. Vongola Joint Activity with Final Fantasy FC. 28465

this is the first start of the Plot ;

One day, Verde called her apprentice Mitsuki to invite them over his place to see his new invention,
called , "time space travel".

Soon, all who went to crash the science lab was amazed as they go inside the laboratory of Professor Verde.
finally Verde saw them the time space travel where-in they saw a parallel world just like the planet earth. Verde asked Satowaki to go inside and check the inhabitants of the place.

They agreed.

before the scenraio , Spade stolen some artifacts that was taken care by black mages, red mages and summoners - that is the Totema scrolls. The ability to cast chaos , and disaster, he summoned one mosnter and the monster appeared as a famrit and began to wreak havoc.

One of the warriors attack spade and found out that he is from vongola and if you seek me, seek us in the parallel world .

As the Vongolas about to enter the parallel world , they were confronted by warriors and found out that they have stolen a sacred scrolls that is forbidden to used.The Vongolas didnt know what they are talking about that they were accussed by stealing their scrolls. Then the battle started with misunderstanding, the vongolas have no choice to fight.. then in every fight they will encounter clues about the real thief..

as the vongolas manage to detect the real thief, Spade will show up and fight them by using totemas.. Within fightning every monsters, the warriors and the vongolas willhelp each other out to put down the monsters appeared by Deamon Spade.

Soon as he battle ended , the warriors owe an apology by accusing them by stealing their scrolls and they can come here anytime they wish.. ~the end~

So what do you guys think? opinions, suggestions ? Vongola Joint Activity with Final Fantasy FC. 627609
i know may question and answers jan sa new plot.. wag mahiya.. Vongola Joint Activity with Final Fantasy FC. 267862

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