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Welcome to The Mafia, the official Vongola Famiglia/KHR FC Forum! Please do not forget to read the rules and enjoy your stay!
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ADDED RULES for a better discussion!

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ADDED RULES for a better discussion! Empty ADDED RULES for a better discussion!

Post by Thousand Mistress Wed Aug 25, 2010 6:28 pm

Konbanwa minna! I've added some rules for the forum to make things easier for everyone else talking around here :)



The most and the very important rule when in posting. Alam naman natin na di lahat ng tao ay kaya ang advanced masyado na information, and furthermore, they don't want to be spoiled. So to make things safe para doon sa mga di pa masyadong nakakaalam, use the SPOILER TAGS -
. We won't issue a warning sa mga di sinasadyang spoiler, but if it was intentionally made, we'll issue a warning and immediately put the post in spoiler. Ayun, just be careful of what you say na lang to avoid arguments and spam debates.


This is another thing among forumers. Most likely, lalo na pag sa anime. PLEASE avoid posting spoiler images, kahit nakatago pa ito sa spoiler tag or sa thumbnail(even more pag thumbnail, it can reduce bandwith for the forums). And we don't want to be blamed for the hotlinking of links and link images, do we? So ayun, avoid as much as possible. If you want to share it, through PM na lang po so we can't ruin the enjoyment of others.


May ecchi anime, di natin mapagkakaila yan. Of course, alam nyo dapat na bawal ang HENTAI/ECCHI discussion dito sa ANIME SERIES and sa HTVF in general. Pero in the case of anime na may plot naman kahit pano pero may ecchi themes parin, papayagan namin. Seikon no Qwaser ay isang example. Maganda ang action at story ng anime na yun at sayang kung di natin pwede pagusapan dahil lang sa fanservice moments nya.

In essence, papayagan namin kayo magdiscuss ng anime with fanservice/ecchi themes PROVIDED na ang discussion nyo ay malinis at patungo sa kwento, at hindi lang sa mga malalaswang nangyari sa episode. Ang sinuman na magpost tungkol lang sa kalaswaang nangyari sa episode ay in violation of our rules on inappropriate posts:

4. Inappropriate posts are not allowed. The VONGOLA FAMIGLIA GROUNDS is more or less a general patronage forum, so all posts must be work safe and kid-friendly. With that said, please do not post profanity, nudity, smexually explicit or gory posts and pictures, vulgar, insulting and/or threatening language, promoting and/or encouraging war or violence of any kind, and posting, requesting, and/or sharing material that is considered obscene, graphic and the like.

Kung wala kayong pwedeng pag usapan tungkol sa anime na iyon other than kabastusan, hindi sya nararapat dito sa forum.

Ang mga rules na ito ay para sa kapayapaan ng forums at understanding para sa bawat isang members. Sana ay maunawaan ninyo, since we just wanted to lighten things up a bit and para na din maiwasan ang mga away. Thank you for your cooperation!

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