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Post by agato-kun on Fri Jan 14, 2011 9:00 pm

The New Blue Pacifier Arcobaleno
The Former Holder of this Pacifier, Gaara/Aoi, is now the new rain guardian of Vongola

Mafia Name:"Legato Fabito"

Character Description: A Great Young Blacksmith, Master in Making Short Sword type weapon such as Knife and Dagger. Capable of throwing weapons(like knives and other stuff but not his dagger) and delivering fast attacks. He's also capable of putting poison on his weapons

Character Appearance: Wearing a traditional Hakama and Waraji on his feet, always carrying his big hammer on his back, brown hair and he has a scar on the right side of his face

HP: 150/150
DWF: 102
HTVF Rank: Hero TV Lurker
Mafia Ring(s): Blue Arcobaleno Pacifier
DWF: Rain Flame, Rain Attribute Ring
Weapons: knife and dagger

Box Weapon(s): Throwing Knives and Silver Dagger
Box Animal(s): Levi(Stingray)

Box Animal Skill(s):
~Venom Sting Thrust(melee= Sting)
-An attack that can pierce through any defense of the enemy and poison it.
~Babel tower(Defense Skill)
-Creating Spiral Rain Flame Wall that cover itself and its master to protect.
~Lift(Support Ability)
-Allows his master to step on his body and act like a hover board ^^,

Character's Skill
~Fang rush (melee attack=dagger)
-Attacking the enemy rapidly.
~Storm Blade(range attack=knives)
-Throwing multiple knives at the same time.
~Venom Fang Rush(melee attack=dagger+poison and DFW)
-By putting poison and rain flame on his dagger to paralyze the enemy and it damages the enemy over time.
-stealing someone's weapon(can be done if the enemy is paralyzed) or an item.
~Hail Storm(range attack=knives and DWF)
-covering his knives with rain flame and turning it to an ice, then rapidly throw it to the enemy.

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