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Post by CC_Lelouch on Sat Apr 24, 2010 7:32 pm

Green Pacifier Arcobaleno

Mafia name: Nagasaki Mitsuki

Character's age: 17

Gender: Female

HP: 150/150
Dwf: 105/105

Nationality: Japanese

Family and relatives:

Verde (Foster father)

Postion in Mafia Family: Arcobaleno ~ Green Pacifier

Attribute: Lightning Flame


Box Weapon : Hell Scythe

Weapon: Scythe

Animal Box: Siberian Tiger, Chigusa and Twin Wolves, Ken and Kei


Greenish Black hair and yellow eyes. Sometime wears her lab gown over her school uniform. Wears a blue head band and wears big eye glasses.


Likes cats, Eating chocolates, chestnuts, pizzas and spicy foods. Likes to have fun. Don't like bitter food and dogs..

Weakness: Doesn't like mist attributes..


Mitsuki is Verde's adopted daughter.. She helped Verde in his research and when the original Arcobalenos disappeared, she took the place of Verde as the New Green Pacifier holder.. She went to Japan to seek the 12th boss of Vongola..


~ Lightning strike (Box weapon ability: Long range attack)
~ Raging lightning (Lightning flame attack)

Box animal's Skills:

~ Defense mechanism (Box animals ability: stealth mode; camouflage)
~ Offensive mechanism (Chigusa's raging attack)
~ Lunar effect (Ken and Kei's paralysis ability)
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