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Post by ~wAki-kUn~ on Tue Apr 20, 2010 2:04 pm

Sun Vongola Guardian

Mafia Screen Name: Satowaki Sasagawa
HP: 200/200
DWF : 100/100
Dying Will Flames: Sun Flames
-(Old) Hero TV Taichou
-(Old) Hero TV Ambassador
- (Old) HerOtaku
(Old) Hero TV Dependent
Mafia Rings:Sun Vongola Ring

Mentor/Master : Masato Sawada AKA Master SATO

Father: Ryohei Sasagawa

Box Weapons: Sun Vongola Box Weapon
Weapon: Demone Sword

Animal Box: Kyuubi Demone Fox
nickname: Kyuubi(nagsasalita pa yan. di ba kyuubi?) lolz
Animal's Skill: (Limit 3)
- Protect
(Protect its master using Firewall in 3 turns)
- Flame Thrower: 60 Damage, 25 DWF used.
- Regenerate Health : + 25 to its self and its master. 10 DWF used.

1.1(Level 2) Super Duper Heat Flame

1.2 Flare Mirror World
- Les Vongola Activated
- Flame Copies (6 copies)
when its weapons is sword = x2 to the damage dealt
-dual strike damage

1.3 Nether World
- shows the under world as well as the devil and its army surrounding the enemy
and attack with thousand of death strike

damage x 5 dealt to the enemy

1.4 Les Vongola Heat Frame
(Empowers the surrounding with the surface of the sun in 320 celcius)
- 15 hp reduction to the opponent per 5mins. but
except to the Mist and rain or water users.

1.5 Flame Samurai Style (Sword attack)
- A samurai flame attack that symbols To the Extreme!
that no one can escape.

Describe Yourself:
Black haired with brown eyes, Light brown skin. A laid back attitude but and adventurous and energetic person.

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Post by ~wAki-kUn~ on Wed May 26, 2010 6:23 pm


~wAki-kUn~ 's profile Kk_re_card_brillante2_31

Code: Ryo; 60 (by Japan wiki; thanks roxiezeke), 33
Name: Big brother (“aniki”), lawn-head/grass-head
Weapon: Fists
Fighting style: Boxing
Ring: Sun
Box animal: Boxing kangaroo (Kangaryuu)
Box weapon special technique: Maximum Ingram and Maximum Cannon

- Boxing club president at the start of the series
- Kyoko’s big brother
- Junior high, second year, promoted to third year later (he’s one year higher than Tsuna, Yamamoto, and Gokudera)
- Experienced street brawler
- Thick-headed and overly sports-minded
- Protective of friends and family
- Loyal to Tsuna, as the boy his sister likes and someone who defeated him
- Best known for doing everything to extremes and saying “To the Extreme!” (“Kyoukugen ni!”)
- Knows Reborn as Master Paopao (one of Reborn’s many disguises/costumes)
- Is NOT completely informed of being in Vongola (unlike Yamamoto who does kinda know about it)
- Trained by Colonello in Varia arc

Posts : 209
Join date : 2009-08-18
Age : 31
Location : Rizal


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