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Post by maka~chan on Sun Oct 24, 2010 5:01 pm

Mafia name: Yumi Kururugi
HP: 135/135
DWF: 91/91
attribute: Sky
Rank: HeroTv Taichou
Mafia Ring : Sky Pacifier, sky rings

Short Description:

Yumi is strong and cheerful girl. Even though sometimes she's clumsy, everyone thinks she's funny. She is also a bit shy, she can't tell what is always in her mind. When it comes in danger, she is serious and determined. She will save her friends, family and those who need help no matter what.

Box Weapon: Bow and arrow

Animal box: Sky eagle
nickname of your animal: Luna (eagle)

1.Sky raging feather – an attack by sky eagle that throws a thousand feathers
2.Sky roar- an attack that can stop the enemy for a while
3.Raging phoenix – covered with sky flames and throws a flame

Player's skills:

1.Lunatic arrow (bow and arrow)
-an attack that can cause great damage

2. Sky arrow (bow and arrow)
-an attack with a fire arrow.

3. Heavenly arrow (bow and arrow)
- an attack with a thousands of arrow from above.

4. Bow slash
- the bow is covered with sky flames and it can slash anything :)

5. Sky dragon (bow and arrow)
- the arrow is covered with sky flames and turns into a dragon that can cause a great

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